The Methode AC6000 is a 6kW line-interactive 2U UPS powered by lithium-ion technology.

The unit features a compact 2U format, up to 6kW of power for seven minutes, a highly efficient line-interactive topology, three to seven years of maintenance-free system life, the capability to leverage years of power electronics and battery design for automotive applications, highly efficient line-interactive topology, and the ability to parallel up to six units for additional power.UPS from Methode

One key feature is the third generation battery management system, which features live voltage, current, and temperature of battery pack; intelligent charging and temperature safeties built-in; state-of-charge and state-of-health monitoring; cell, pack, and system level safeties; UL1642-certified cells; designed to rigorous standards of UN38.3 and UL1973; and no capacity degradation for hundreds of cycles.