Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert® NXL 400kVA, 575-600V on-line, maximum protection Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. The new system extends native 575-600V capabilities to power applications that require a high degree of resiliency. This UL listed UPS is now available in the U.S. and Canada to meet the needs of 575-600V applications.

This UPS expands the 575-600V applications in the Liebert NXL product family from 250-1100kVA. The Liebert NXL UPS is engineered to enable the highest levels of application availability. Its design allows operation at 100% load under a “stack up” of conditions that would require other systems to de-rate their output or compromise system availability. Simultaneous conditions such as clogged air filters, high ambient temperature, high altitude, fan failure, and low or high line conditions have been mitigated to ensure full rating at 100% operating loads. Like other Liebert NXL UPS models, it is available in single module and multi-module systems (1+N) to achieve redundancy and maximum reliability.

The Liebert NXL 400kVA, 575-600V UPS is also highly energy efficient. It offers higher operating efficiency compared to a transformerless UPS that requires external input and output transformers, while providing the added dependability and fault tolerance of a transformer based design. When operating in double conversion mode, the UPS delivers efficiency as high as 93.9%; when in Active Inverter Eco-Mode, it achieves efficiencies up to 97.6%.