Eaton has announced the launch of its 93E uninterruptible power system (UPS), featuring enhanced maintenance bypass options and external battery cabinets to ensure uptime of critical IT systems. Known as the 9E in previous models, Eaton’s new 93E is engineered for maximum reliability. Delivering up to 98 percent efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint, the 93E provides information technology (IT) and data center managers with the flexibility to meet growing compute, storage and networking needs while simultaneously reducing capital and operational costs.

The 93E is the first UPS in its class to offer internal batteries up to 60 kilovolt-amps (kVA). In order to provide extended emergency backup power to enhance the reliability of IT systems, users can build upon the internal runtime capabilities of the 93E with a range of external battery cabinets that offer industry-leading runtimes from six minutes to several hours. The internal and external battery offering allows customers to incrementally expand backup runtime at their own pace. The 93E paralleling capability allows system kVA growth upgrades rather than investing in a completely new platform if increased capacity is required.

Eaton’s 93E is available in size ranges from 20 to 60 kVA with a detachable slim line maintenance bypass to provide hassle-free maintenance and reduced downtime. The feature is designed to give users the option to provide system service testing and maintenance without interruption of power to the critical load.

The 93E builds on its best-in-class energy efficiency and physical footprint that is up to 35 percent smaller than competing models. The 93E’s compact footprint allows better space utilization for revenue-producing equipment and materials, in turn, saving costs to build, protect, insure, heat and cool the data center.

Overall, through its wide range of energy, space, installation and maintenance reducing features, the 93E offers a potential lifetime savings of more than $85,000.

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