Ixia’s Anue NTO 5293 is a high-density, high-availability network monitoring switch that efficiently connects multiple network monitoring tools to a large number of ports facilitating visibility into the packet network. It has a 640 Gbps, non-blocking backplane for up to 16 40GbE ports or up to 64 10GbE ports. The NTO 100GbE provides investment protection by ensuring that lower bandwidth monitoring tools can connect to higher-speed backbones. The release of the Network Visibility Operating System (NVOS) v3.8 and the 100GbE Interface Module supports new capabilities that improve forensic analysis capabilities, advance application performance monitoring, and simplify security monitoring of 100GbE networks. This multi-speed monitoring capability helps companies preserve their previous investments in network visibility tools.Monitoring Switches from Ixia

Anue NTO 5273 is a high-availability network monitoring switch designed for telecommunications and cable service providers. The Anue NTO 5273 helps service providers meet the increased bandwidth demands created by rapidly growing mobile and video content traffic. The advanced packet processing features of the AFM enhance the NTO’s capability to aggregate, replicate, and filter network monitoring traffic.