Corning Cable Systems LLC has introduced its Pretium EDGE® Tap Module, enabling passive optical tapping that is fully integrated into the structured cabling footprint. A passive optical tap device uses a fiber optic coupler to divide the optical signal into two outputs, one for live traffic and one for monitoring traffic. The live traffic continues through the system link, while the monitor traffic is sent to port monitoring electronics. The Pretium EDGE Tap Module uses an advanced optical coupler to reduce insertion loss and increase distance on Ethernet and Fibre Channel links.Tap Modules

The Pretium EDGE Tap Module combines the functionality of an interconnect, cross-connect and optical tap in one easy-to-use structured cabling module. Unlike a separate passive component, Corning’s integrated approach allows monitored ports to be added or removed without disruption to the live network link and provides flexibility to use both interconnect or cross-connect designs. Also, by locating the tap port links to the rear of the module, the Pretium EDGE Tap Module creates a “zero-U” footprint that improves rack utilization.