Telx has announced the launch of its 19th Cloud Connection Center “PRT1” in Portland, Oregon. Today’s announcement represents the second introduction of a Telx facility in the Pacific Northwest, following the recent unveiling of Telx’s new SEA1 facility in Seattle. The PRT1 facility represents the 13th major US market for Telx. This new retail facility will advance the baseline for “high-density” retail colocation.

PRT1 in Hillsboro OR, sits a mere 15 miles from downtown Portland and provides in excess of 18,000sf of whitespace from a current building footprint of 52,000sf.  The single story structure is expandable by another 20,000sf with a current 4.5MW service for IT load. It is unique in both its resiliency and efficiency.  With a full 2N+1 UPS design, PRT1 can support client loads of 325 watts per square foot for power demanding applications.  Its PUE rating of 1.3 employs an indoor air containment system that directs cold air to server needs followed by evacuating the resulting hot air outside the facility.

“With nine major carriers within reach of the facility and three major cable landing stations within one mile, PRT1 provides an impressive expansion of our West Coast capabilities,” said Eric Wick, vice president of sales, Telx. “Tethering the PRT1 facility with Telx’s expanding portfolio of interconnection products such as Datacenter Connect and Metro Connect back to important Portland carrier hotels, quickly make it a core regional asset. Together with our Bay Area facilities and our newly announced SEA1 facility, PRT1 provides both the ideal location for clients to reach Asia as well as being able to address the power consuming needs of gaming, media and other SaaS applications and services.”