Digital Realty and DE-CIX have announced their partnership to offer premium interconnection services in Frankfurt, Germany.

Digital Realty customers will benefit from the flexibility and choice of expanding their digital supply chain to suit their interconnection needs through DE-CIX enabled sites offering the broad portfolio of DE-CIX premium interconnection services.

These services will provide Digital Realty customers with even better performance due to lower latency as well as lower costs. In addition, they will benefit from even higher security as the transfer of data is controlled within the neutral and privately managed DE-CIX Internet Exchange.

“Interconnection has surged over recent years, transforming the way enterprises across the world achieve their business goals. The partnership between Digital Realty and DE-CIX enables companies to expand the communities of interest that they connect with by enabling secure and low latency connectivity to their partners, customers and the cloud, all of which is crucial in meeting and exceeding business expectations.” explains Rob Coupland, managing director, Digital Realty

DE-CIX in Frankfurt is the world’s leading Internet Exchange with a peak traffic of more than 6.7 Terabits per second. DE-CIX is operating 15 Internet Exchanges worldwide in key markets such as Europe, India, the Middle East, and North America.

“We look forward to offering our services through Digital Realty in Frankfurt. DE-CIX and Digital Realty have an established relationship and it is gratifying to see this partnership evolving and growing. Digital Realty is an important data center partner and has shown its commitment to the German market with the investments in its Sossenheim campus and the expansion of services together with DE-CIX “, says Dr. Thomas King, chief technical officer, DE-CIX.