A recent survey from Lieberman Software has found that 64 percent of IT professionals believe their IT outsourcer has invented work for profit and 33 percent say they trust their outsourcer’s work less than in house—showing that relationships between outsourcers and their customers have reached a real low.

To add insult to injury, 42 percent said that outsourcing agreements ended up costing more than originally planned. Despite these views, 71 percent of companies outsource a significant portion of their IT—up from 43 percent of respondents in a similar survey last year.

Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software said, “The fact that 64 percent of people we spoke to think their outsourcers invent work to make more money, shows just how tenuous these relationships are. On the surface, IT outsourcing may seem an ideal solution for many companies, however it often turns out to be more expensive than planned, and a third of companies admitted they trusted the work done by outsourcers less than work done in house.”

The survey questioned nearly 250 IT professionals, all of whom were partly or wholly responsible for an outsourcing function in their organizations. Details can be found at www.liebsoft.com/2012_outsourcing_survey.