Eaton Corporation is holding an online competition— IT Grand Master—to find the best IT pros. Contestants will draw on their IT skills, knowledge and experience to be considered for the title (and $7,000 in prizes-including a Segway), through five levels of challenges:

• Challenge 1: Beat the Surge - The IT Grand Master must be agile and react quickly in an emergency

• Challenge 2: Riddles of the Masters - The IT Grand Master must have extensive IT knowledge

• Challenge 3: Legion of Followers - The IT Grand Master must have support from their peers

• Challenge 4: Enlightenment - The IT Grand Master must solve real world IT problems

• Challenge 5: The Stuff of Legends – Contestants will submit their top IT accomplishments


At the close of the competition, the top five scorers who have completed all five levels of competition will become finalists. A team of expert IT industry judges will then select the winner, based on their submission to Challenge 5.

In addition to eternal glory and bragging rights, the Eaton IT Grand Master will receive a prize package valued at $7,000. Some prizes include:

• Official Eaton IT Grand Master robes

• A personalized Grand Master trophy

• A Segway (Grand Master Chariot)

• An iPad

• Recognition in national Eaton ads

• A spotlight feature on’s Ask the Experts

• The title of "Master of Ceremonies” for next year’s contest


To compete, visit the contest website.