T5 Partners announces the kick-off of a new purpose-built data center shell that will get underway immediately in its T5@KingsMountain Data Center Park just outside Charlotte, NC. T5 successfully secured the first data center end-user who has taken the 215,000-sq-ft shell previously available in its T5@KingsMountain Park; therefore, T5 will be supplying another powered shell as soon as the design and construction are finalized.

The new T5@KingsMountain Powered Data Center Shell Spec Sheet will include details beyond these basics:
  • 50,000-sq-ft shell, expandable to 480,000 sq ft
  • End user controlled MEP design and engineering
  • 146 mph wind-rated, purpose-built data center shell
  • Secure access on 20 to 44+/- acre site within the park setting
T5@KingsMountain Data Center Park has and will continue to have significant infrastructure available to support multiple large data center facilities over the 260+ acres contained in its secure Park setting:
  • 120+ MW transmission grade, Duke Energy Power available now, expandable
  • Dual circuit 100 KV Grid Connector, transmission level redundancy built in
  • Low cost reliable power - $0.038 - $0.045 / kWh
  • Multiple fiber providers (AT&T, Time Warner Cable, DukeNet, RST, PalmettoNet, Charter, AGL/Zayo)
  • Redundant water supply from two separate sources
  • 25 minute drive to Charlotte International Airport
  • Low natural disaster risk
  • Tier 1 County classification – most aggressive incentives in North Carolina
  • Speed to operation, pro-data center community