T5 Partners has begun construction on a 150,000-sq-ft purpose-built powered data center shell within the Kings Mountain Data Center Park in North Carolina.

The shell will be expandable to 584,000 sq ft and will be complete in the first quarter of 2011. T5 will deliver the data center shell in a condition that improves speed-to-operation of the finished facility. The end-user retains complete control of design, tier rating, redundancy and resiliency of all MEP. By controlling design, the end-user enjoys a“custom” data center that is built to the end-user’s budget, schedule, and meets future expansion needs, says the company.

End-users may fund and build their own interior build-out or T5 can fund and/or build out the interior, providing a “turnkey” solution in which the end-user avoids a large capital expense to build and, instead, pays a rental rate for a fully built-out data center.