AVOB (Alternative Vision Of Business), a manufacturer of enterprise PC power management software, has announced that it is formally entering the U.S. market. The company is opening its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco and has investment to start building a local team to best serve the U.S. market.

To mark its entry, AVOB unveiled Energy Viewer Express, a free new assessment tool that makes it easy for SMBs and large enterprises to get a proper estimate of their current energy consumption and carbon footprint. The tool is available for immediate download athttp://www.avob-usa.com/download.

"The average PC is idle more than 75 percent of the week, and when running, most users need less than 10 percent of the compute capabilities of their machine," said Pierre Duchesne, co-founder and CEO of AVOB. "AVOB goes beyond traditional energy saving solutions by having the unique ability to throttle power consumption during usage time as well."

AVOB stands behind its technology and expected results. The company is the first in its market to have a pricing model directly based on actual savings realized by customers. Software fees are calculated based on the customer's expected savings as a result of a thorough assessment. "Our customers typically experience a ROI cycle of less than 6 months," said Duchesne. "We stand behind our value proposition and only charge them based on actual savings. It is a win-win situation!"

Today AVOB also made the fourth generation of AVOB Energy Saver for SMBs and large enterprises available. AVOB Energy Saver 4.0 is the only solution on the market that maximizes energy savings when PCs are not being used and the only one that throttles the power to match the actual needs while the PCs are being used.

With AVOB Energy Saver, companies can understand their exact energy needs and optimize that power consumption, shaving up to 50 percent off their energy bill. AVOB counts dozens of large enterprise customers, including Global 500 companies that have largely deployed its technology, saving over a million dollars in energy savings.

"Using AVOB Energy Viewer, we have been able to precisely calculate the potential energy savings on our worldwide base of 15,000 PCs," said Cyril Didier of Essilor, an ophthalmic optics manufacturer. "Over the next four years, AVOB should help us save more than one million dollars." "We took a hard look at a number of technology providers to help with the efficient power management of our 140,000 PCs," said Philippe Charpentier, green IT manager of La Poste, the French Postal Service. "The AVOB team not only delivered an innovative technology but also a unique business model that made it very easy to work with them." AVOB Energy Saver:
  • Uniquely determines the energy needs of each PC while it is running or idle
  • Can measure energy usage of each PC in real time
  • Forces computers to hibernation when they are not being used without further impact to user productivity
  • Instantly allocates the right amount of power to each PC so that the user's tasks can be carried on but no more than is actually required -- processor speed and voltage are throttled to avoid any energy waste
New features of AVOB Energy Saver 4.0 include:
  • A new architecture that allows for the server component to be hosted and run as SaaS -- in addition to being run locally
  • A new reporting dashboard that can be run on the enterprise infrastructure or hosted as a SaaS application
  • Support for the latest processors (Intel® iSeries and AMD Hexacore)
  • Support for Cisco EnergyWise so it can monitor and manage the energy and carbon footprint of all EnergyWise compatible elements
  • Ability to define priority applications and processes that prevents hibernation for given categories of users. For example, users in the development group will have full power while they are using 3D design tools, and users in the finance group will have full power while Excel macros are running
  • A powerful new user interface
"With energy costs on the rise and concern for the environment top of mind of most CIOs, power management is an important technology for enterprises to look at," said Xavier Niel, entrepreneur and AVOB investor. "I believe that Pierre and his team have the skills and smarts to expand beyond their home market and establish the company as the worldwide leader in this market."