Datacenter Dynamics has leveraged its position as a data center conference organizer to compile one of the most complete reports on data center trends in the U.S. market available. This comprehensive 136-page report is the second in a series of regional reports tracking the changing investment landscape and the uptake of new technologies by data center operators, published by Datacenter Dynamics. ‘US Data center Infrastructure Trends and Market Attitudes’ can be purchased online

Information is culled from almost 900 surveys obtained at the organization’s U.S. shows in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas and compared to information previously compiled in Europe. The result is a vivid and graphical report of the concerns, pressures, and strategies of a wide range of data center operators.

Among the findings: American data centers have greater power draws than European data centers, which tend to be newer than U.S.-based facilities. New Yorkers are even more concerned about power and cooling loads than their counterparts, who share these concerns but may be more worried about investment or cooling densities than New York operators.