Presenters Vali Sorell of Syska Hennessy and Julius Neudorfer of NAAT are busy developing responses to all the questions posed during our September 24th event. I'll be making their answers available to everyone who registered. This is just one more reason to follow our webinar series and to register for the September 24th event. The event may be over, but we archive these events at and make these available as long as the content remains relevant, even to new registrants.  Data Aire sponsored this event and helped make it such a success.

So now for my question to you. We are planning sessions for December, January, and February, and I'd like your input on topics that you would like us to address. So what do you want us to cover? And who would you like to see present? We'll do our best to arrange the event you think will be most useful and interesting.

Just email me at