1. What rotation procedure can be used for UPS battery strings during the timeframe when there is low part-load conditions that do not require all redundant UPS systems to be used and still allow for N+1 capacity conditions (i.e., five modules installed, three needed for N+1 because of part-load operating conditions that will last for 6 to 12 months or more)? The goal is to minimize energy usage and avoid complete modular system shutdown/storage for extended periods of time (6 months or longer). 

2. Does disconnecting from the utility grid during an inclement weather event such as; hail, lightning, sleet, etc., increase reliability by reducing the chance of an unintentional interruption. Or is it more risk than it's worth since you are operating transfer equipment on the premise of a “potential” interruption of service? 

3. Can two separate feeds, from two different utility transformers, be considered as reliable as a utility and generator set up?