All Russelectric RTS Series 30-cycle-rated and 3-cycle-rated automatic transfer switches now come equipped with the company’s new RPTCS microprocessor automatic transfer control system, the emergency/backup power industry’s most powerful, most versatile ATS control. In addition to a long list of standard features, each system is programmed at the factory to include customer-specified options.

Setup, alarm acknowledgement, and review of actual data are easily accomplished using the controller’s soft keys and color display. The intuitive, interactive menu guides the user through controller setup and the entering of configuration data, including communications and timing set points, adjustable control parameters (interlocks, alarms, and security), and event logging.

Real-time metering of voltage (phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral) and frequency of both normal and emergency power sources is standard. Available options include metering of phase and neutral current; percent of unbalanced current; percent of unbalanced voltage; accumulated energy (KWH, KVAH, and KVARH); and per-phase and 3-phase totals for real power (KW), apparent power (KVA), reactive power (KVAR), and power factor. The RPTCS can also monitor power quality with available waveform capture and historical trending. All metering can be accessed through the menu.

The controller senses the voltages of both power sources and, by means of easy-to-see LEDs, indicates switch position and source availability. Through the menu, users can also review operational data such as active time delays, transfer inhibits, metered values, fault and alarm reports, event records, and configuration settings. The controller also automatically displays the status of monitored conditions (faults, alarms, inhibits, etc.) and conveys other messages in color-coded banners at the top of the screen.

The RPTCS controller supports two communication interfaces: standard Modbus RTU or available Modbus TCP/IP via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. An external communication port on the controller’s faceplate allows fast, easy connection to a laptop.