Power isn’t something the mission critical industry takes lightly (pun intended), so it’s not surprising the Power Systems and Products category had the most submissions. The Atom Switch by Atom Power earned the top spot among all the contenders as it not only improves efficiency and life safety measures but it also solves a major problem facing the entire industry today. The current electrical infrastructure is unequipped to meet the growing demands of data centers due to poorly managed power distribution. But, with the Atom Switch, data center operators can provide their customers rack-level power distribution capabilities that allow for high-speed transfer switching and load control.

The commercially-available, solid-state circuit breaker controls the flow of power completely digitally via silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors and software instead of traditional mechanical switches.  Its intelligent power platform — the Atom Switch, the Atom Panel, and the Atom OS Software User Interface — replaces the need for hundreds of  components used today. Atom Panels are designed to be the same size as mechanical circuit breakers for seamless installation into commercial buildings. Additionally, with the Atom OS software, users can control and manage power from any computer or smart device.

In data centers specifically, power density is increasing significantly and generating more heat, which means additional liquid cooling systems are needed at the rack level. These cooling systems require redundant pumping systems and are sensitive to the quality of incoming power. When a pump loses power, the switchover to a backup source can disrupt the operation of the cooling system, making the risk of overheating alarmingly high. The Atom Switch enables rapid transfer between various power sources, which significantly reduces the risk of losing power. Due to its speed and connectivity, the switch virtually eliminates the risk of arc flash, which could prevent thousands of life-threatening accidents each year.

As a former commercial electrician turned electrical engineer, CEO/co-founder, Ryan Kennedy, witnessed the dangers of electrical infrastructure and was motivated to build something better. In 2014, he teamed up with CTO/co-founder, Denis Kouroussis, an experienced electrical engineer, to build a reliable, sophisticated, and easy-to-use circuit breaker that would bring power distribution and management into the digital age The Atom Switch surpassed expectations by so much during UL listing tests that a new category was created: UL 4891.
Looking forward, Atom Power plans to offer its key, enabling technologies to other major manufacturers in the industry.

“This approach is designed to accelerate the adoption of this crucial technology and propel us toward a future where energy is fast, safe, and intelligently controlled for the first time,” said Ryan Kennedy, CEO of Atom Power.