The Chloride CP3000NV UPS family includes the CP3080 and CP3160 module ranges. It brings new levels of modularity, flexibility, and efficiency to high-density applications ranging from advanced blade servers and communications gear to light industrial systems. Features include a high-efficiency transformerless design in both 480 V in/out and 208 V in/out applications, which reduces direct electrical and cooling costs, while reducing weight, minimizing footprint, and simplifying installation. The advanced IGBT front end ensures low input harmonics and simple generator interface. Ideal for medium sized data centers and other mid-range applications, the CP3000NV family can address virtually any power level requirement from 60 to 160 kVA with a single module system and up to 960 kVA in parallel configurations of up to six modules. In addition, the Chloride CP3000NV UPS Series incorporates modular cabinets that can be configured and installed to meet customer preferences, requirements, and constraints.