The industry has utilized lead-acid battery storage systems for decades and has incurred design compromises and infrastructure costs associated with the low power density, excessive weight, short life, limited thermal operating range, outgassing in operation, and a pollutive recycling process associated with lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are being adopted and, while they resolve some of the issues of lead-acid, there is still a limited operating temperature range and concerns over safety and recyclability. A transition from lead acid to alternative battery chemistries is underway in the mission critical industry and nickel-zinc resolves the compromises, enabling a superior technical solution that is safe, reliable, and sustainable while delivering a low total cost of ownership.

ZincFive BC 2 is the newest product in the BC Series UPS Battery Cabinet lineup. ZincFive BC Series UPS Battery Cabinets are the first nickel-zinc battery energy storage solution with backward and forward compatibility with megawatt class UPS inverters. The BC 2 offers the smallest footprint per kilowatt, improving on the previous record-holder, ZincFive’s original BC Battery Cabinet. Despite the high-power density, the BC 2 with nickel-zinc batteries can safely deliver. ZincFive’s batteries were tested at the cell level to UL 9540A, a test method for evaluating thermal runaway, and did not exhibit thermal runaway in any of the five arduous and destructive tests. Furthermore, independent third-party expert analysis of end-to-end environmental impact shows ZincFive’s nickel-zinc batteries to have a climate impact score significantly superior to lead-acid and lithium battery chemistries.


BC 2 Battery Cabinet
The BC 2 Battery Cabinet measures only 21 inches in width, giving it an industry-leading compact footprint.


The BC 2 Battery Cabinet measures only 21 inches in width, giving it an industry-leading compact footprint. The cabinet is robust, having passed a seismic shake test to an SDS of 2.29 g, resulting in a strong global seismic footprint. Other features include active cooling for a wide operating temperature range, simple maintenance, and easy conduit landing connections. ZincFive’s newest BC 2 Battery Cabinet provides optimized design and packaging while utilizing the same reliable Ni-Zn batteries that have been delivering best-in-class power density as well as superior safety and sustainability for over 10 years.

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