SAN FRANCISCO, CA-Digital Realty Trust, Inc. is reporting new research data that evaluates the future of green datacenter trends. The findings are from a recently completed survey of senior decision makers at North America’s leading corporations who are directly responsible for strategy, planning and technology evaluation for datacenter operations.

“Our goal for this survey was to determine whether the greening of the datacenter is a passing fad or represents the emergence of a deeper trend in technology that will permeate the industry for years to come. To our knowledge, this is one of the first in-depth assessments of how deep-rooted these green initiatives are, and the findings provide compelling evidence that green initiatives will play a significant, long-term role in datacenter planning and design,” said Chris Crosby, senior vice president of Digital Realty Trust. The study found that

•    55 percent of companies polled have already established a detailed green datacenter strategy.

•    more than 80 percent of companies polled confirmed that their green datacenter strategies encompass not only computers and servers, but also facility design and operations.

•    more than 60 percent of companies polled project that having a green data center strategy will become an important factor in their vendor selections over the next 24 months.