Digital Realty Trust, Inc. is expanding its data center facility at 2121 S. Price Road in Chandler, AZ, adding approximately 226,000 rentable sq ft of data center space and 13 MW of power to meet customer demand in the Phoenix market. The existing facility totals over 293,000 sq ft and was 97 percent occupied as of September 30, 2010. When construction is complete, the expanded facility is expected to feature more than 31 MW of total power.

Utilizing a design that wraps around the current building, the newly constructed data center space will leverage the existing infrastructure to support the footprint and operations of the current facility and expansion space. This design will also significantly increase delivery of new datacenter space, meeting customer speed-to-market requirements. Construction is currently underway on the expanded building shell with the first three 1125 kilowatt Turn-Key Datacenters scheduled to be delivered in the third quarter of 2011.

"Phoenix is a significant datacenter market with strong demand from many companies that want to locate their IT infrastructure in a location relatively free of natural disasters, with significant fiber connectivity and competitively priced electricity. The local power utility, Salt River Project (SRP), provides green options and has a long history of maintaining robust, stable, and low cost power," said Brent Behrman, senior vice president, global sales, at Digital Realty Trust. "Phoenix is a very important market for Digital Realty Trust. Our investment in this property underscores our commitment to the Phoenix area, where we have established a substantial operating platform for supporting our customers in Arizona."