Tate, a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of raised access flooring and service distribution solutions, announces three new in-floor cooling solutions for data centers.

Introduced at the Data Center World trade show, Oct. 3-6 in Las Vegas, the new devices include the DirectAire airflow panel, SmartAire variable-air-volume (VAV) damper and PowerAire™ fan-assist module. All three products are unique, cost-effective solutions for high-density, diverse and variable-load data center environments.

"Recognizing the challenges of cooling a high density, variable load data center environment Tate has developed a range of cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions that provide data center owners with compelling returns on investment in both new build and retrofit applications," said Tate general manager Donal Curtin.

DirectAire Achieves 93 Percent Total Air Capture

Unlike other floor panels, DirectAire delivers airflow to standard server racks at an angle, achieving a 93 percent rate of Total Air Capture (TAC). “This means that 93 percent of the airflow delivered through the panel enters the face of the rack, providing the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency of any panel on the market,” according to data center product manager Daniel Kennedy. (He noted that typical panels deliver only 30 to 50 percent of air directly to the rack.)

What’s more, DirectAire eliminates bypass air, which saves operating expenses and reduces (by up to 40 percent) the capital expenditures on cooling equipment in new facilities. DirectAire’s superior load performance is ideal for retrofits and new construction, easily integrating into an existing raised floor system. Featuring pressure-equalizing diffusion blades, DirectAire panels cool up to 28.5 kW per rack, have 68 percent open area to deliver 2,600 CFM at 0.1 in. H2O (static pressure), can support a design load of 2,000 lbs. and can withstand a rolling load of 1,500 lbs.

SmartAire Controls Airflow to Server Racks

SmartAire dampers are electronically controlled, precisely adjusting the amount of air passing through an individual panel to meet the rack’s current cooling needs. Four sensors mounted to the front of the rack control the VAV damper and, consequently, the airflow amount, maintaining the proper inlet air temperature on a rack-by-rack basis. This flexibility can help effectively cool facilities implementing virtualization, cloud computing and idle server shutdown strategies while saving more than 40 percent in fan energy.

SmartAire adapts technologies readily found in commercial office applications to create a solution for controlling airflow delivery to the IT racks. Each panel and rack tandem can be thought of as an individual zone. SmartAire measures the incoming air temperature at the face of the rack, adjusting the airflow to ensure that the temperature at the rack’s face doesn’t exceed the maximum allowable setpoint. Coupled with DirectAire, and typical best practice strategies SmartAire nearly eliminates bypass air and accounts for local temperature fluctuations.

PowerAire Cools Hot Spots in Data Center

The PowerAire fan-assist module effectively manages the cooling requirements for dense server racks and blades. It provides a blast of cooling through the DirectAire airflow panel. Using sensors mounted to the front of the rack, PowerAire automatically turns on when conditions require additional cooling.

Equipped with a variable-speed fan drive, PowerAire can be throttled up or down based on heat-load requirements. This makes PowerAire the ideal solution for cooling the toughest hot spots in a data center. What’s more, PowerAire is easy to install in retrofit applications or as part of a new, advanced cooling strategy. Coupled with DirectAire, PowerAire can deliver up to 3,206 CFM at 0.1” H2O (static pressure).