Tate has expanded its line of in-floor cooling solutions for data centers to include the new DirectAire X2 airflow panel and multiple control options for both the SmartAire variable-air-volume (VAV) damper and the PowerAire fan-assist module. DirectAire X2 splits airflow evenly and angles it in two directions, allowing for directional airflow to racks on either side of the cold aisle in a legacy data center that has only one accessible airflow panel. Like the DirectAire panel, DirectAire X2 features a 68 percent open area capable of delivering 2,600 CFM at 0.1 in. H2O static pressure. More important, an angle of deflection at the top of each vertical vane directs the airflow toward server racks to efficiently cool more than 12.5 kW per rack (more than 25 kW for both racks) and achieve an industry-leading 93 percent total capture rate. In addition, the panel’s all-steel construction makes it the strongest airflow panel on the market, with a 2,000-lb rolling load, 2,500-lb design load, and a minimum safety factor of 2.0.