Just last Friday we shipped the March/April issue of Mission Critical to the printer, which means that you will see print copies of the issue in about two weeks. Most of the issue is already online, if you can’t wait.

It also means that this is content week for me. The days leading to closing are hectic and full. The week immediately following closing, content week, is much different. I return emails and phone calls, field the first compliments or complaints about the newly posted issue, and generally catch up on postponed work. It is during this week that I wear one of my favorite hats: Chief Content Officer.

Most of all, though, I plan content for the next issue and upcoming webinars, which makes it one of the most fun weeks of the publishing cycle. Of course, at this stage, even I don’t know the final article lineup with 100 percent certainty. I do know you can expect coverage of PQ issues, something on DCIM, and a story on drivers that make colo an attractive option. I’m also hoping to see case histories on a financial institution and a hospital ready in time.

At the same time, I have also scheduled scoping meetings for a series of webinars, mostly covering electrical reliability topics. These include:

  • April 25: Backup Systems, presented by Mike Gulas of ConceptCSI and Dan McGroary of Trinity Mission Critical, LLC, sponsored by Cummins
  • May 9: Topic TBD, presented by Joseph Hollo of CH2M Hill and an expert from MW Group, sponsored by Kohler

Siemens will also be sponsoring summer events on July 17 and August 30, which I begin working on very soon.

Is it any wonder why I enjoy content week so much.