I'm finding blogging to be a slightly confusing experience. I want to call your attention to some ideas that I expressed in the editorial I wrote yesterday for the next issue ofMission Critical. That editorial won't be available until our Fall 2008 issue is available at the7x24Exchangein November.
I've been extremely impressed by the growing willingness of large players to share their data center numbers and best practices. In September I saw Mike Manos lead a jam-packed double session at Datacenter Dynamics in Chicago. His presentation was the talk of the conference. I wrote about the effectiveness of this presentation in my Mission Critical  blog. But it is not just Microsoft or 7x24Exchange. The Tech Hermit and James Hamilton's Blog have been all over Google's publication of its Commitment to Sustainable Computing. The Tech Hermit suggested that Microsoft may have subtly prodded Google to engage in the energy discussion, " First I want to applaud Google for actually and finally saying anything about their data centers. I guess the pressure coming from Microsoft and the rest of the industry finally forced their hand." My friend Dave Ohara has done marvelous work sharing this information and also some information about Sun's program in his Green Data Center blog. Groves Green IT blog has been similarly active. I’m looking forward to publishing an article that Deb is writing on the mechanism that animates innovation in data center research in the Silicon Valley. 
Adobe, too, is joining in the fun. On Friday, October 17th, it is hosting a Critical Facilities Roundtable event at its San Jose facility. Adobe has made Mike Bangs, PE, Adobe Systems, director of Worldwide Facilities Operations, available to lead off 3-hours of presentations on the Adobe East Tower Data Center Project. They're supporting the event with a full  line up of builders and Adobe data center personnel.
I won't be able to get to the CFRT event, but I will be attending the Datacenter Dynamics event in Miami next week. I already praised this program for including two case histories (Terramark and KIO Networks). I'd like to also point out that Rick Sawyer is planning to talk about what a data center should cost and that there are several sessions that promise to take a good look at managing the bottom lines for data center operations. In fact, the session Outsourcing TCO/ROI Valuation: Reducing CapEx while driving OpEx efficiencies through Service Delivery, promises to be make the whole trip worthwhile. More on this next week, when I have seen the talk. 
If you can't get to Miami, there is still a learning opportunity for you. I'll be hosting a webinar on October 22, Improving the Cooling Performance of Your Data Center with CoolSim. Please join us.