Like many of you I have been transfixed by the Olympic efforts of the swimmer Michael Phelps and the sprinter Usain Bolt, and others. My mind has been busy drawing between the Olympics and data centers. You see, the more time I spend in front of these games and witness how just one bad moment can be the difference between gold medal and failure the more I appreciate the effort these athletes put forth. I find myself similarly appreciating the efforts of data center operators.

I've spent considerable time pondering which Olympic athlete would be most prepared to run a data center. Probably not Bolt, with his sprinter's brilliance. And maybe not Phelps because he's great, but only in his environment. The beach volleyball team of May-Treanor and Walsh might carry sand into the data center. The gymnasts comprise too many high-wire acts; one of the team sports seems best.
We know that there are distinct differences between the two endeavors. Running a data center is not a game; lives and fortunes can depend on their continued operation. And we know that data center operators are not rewarded with gold for success, no matter how hard or long they may have prepared for an event.

That said, I think it is exciting to recognize that we would see none of these events in the U.S., perhaps there would be no events at, without the successful performance of data centers and their operators on-site and in broadcast and other operations around the world. There will be no medals for their efforts, but they deserve a "well done" for their work so far.