Regular readers of my blog know that it sometimes reads like a travelog, as I report what I find and learn at events hosted by many organizations in the data center industry. With eight events scheduled in North America in 2009, the folks at Datacenter Dynamics bear most of the blame for this situation. I attend as many of these events as I can, limited only by time and budget constraints, because of the quality of these events.
Next week, DatacenterDynamics returns to Chicago for a fifth time, and I am eagerly looking forward to the event because I missed both San Francisco and Seattle in favor of other commitments.
The organizers of DatacenterDynamics do a great job creating new content for each event, and so I'll never know exactly what I missed. Perhaps because the organization works worldwide, DatacenterDynamics takes a big-picture view of events in the data center industry. I'm especially pleased to see the emphasis on dealing with carbon emissions in the Chicago event program, with three panels or presentations scheduled. Zahl Limbuwala, chairman, Data Centre Specialist Group, British Computer Society  and UK Carbon Trust, will be a big part of the coverage. Because Limbuwala works in a nation where carbon regulations that affect data centers are already in force, he can speak knowledgeable about the effect of regulations on operations. He speaks during an opening keynote and later in the day joins American experts in a panel. 
In the middle of the day, Angelo Mandarino, director of the Large Systems Group at Eaton will talk about preparing an organization for carbon regulation.
The program covers a number of other topics more germane to every day operation as well, including sessions on analytics, containers, clouds, fiber, and cooling. I'm eager to see what experts on the program have to say and just as eager to report back to you.