Starline, a brand of Legrand, recently unveiled Starline’s third generation of critical power monitor products, the M70 CPM. Initially introduced in 2014, the Starline CPM has been used for data center busway power monitoring for major data center providers globally. 

Since 2020, Starline’s teams have been working to develop this new generation of their flagship energy meter to help customers achieve greater energy efficiency at their mission-critical and energy-hungry sites. Now, the M70 CPM is set to empower site managers across numerous verticals, from data centers to hospitals, to monitor energy consumption easily, reliably and in real-time.

As global energy consumption continues to rise (the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects global electric power generating capacity to increase anywhere between 55% and 108% by 2050), the need for greater efficiency and power density within mission-critical spaces is surging. As a result, revenue-grade energy monitoring systems are more important than ever in providing site managers and decision-makers with the real-time data they need to optimize their electrical infrastructure.

Whether monitoring is required at the power feed, branch-circuit level or stand-alone enclosure, the M70 offers a high degree of granularity. Equipped with a comprehensive breadth of features, the meter is packed with functionality from a first-of-its-kind temperature monitoring technology to audible alarms and a pivoting display for easy visual access from the floor. It also boasts the most extensive communications protocol offering on the market today. From redesigned LED and LCD displays for real-time visual data reference to the ability to configure it with DCIM and BMS packages for quick deployment, the M70 CPM will transform power monitoring for industries of all kinds. In addition to the added features and functionality, significant improvements have been made to aid in speed, robustness, and ease of implementation.

“With the M70 CPM, we are demonstrating not only our commitment to listening to customers’ needs, but also our desire to innovate through our products, with the aim of improving lives,” says John Berenbrok, Product Director at Starline. “The M70 builds on our legacy of being at the forefront of technology, especially as it is also the only meter that will work optimally with track busway systems thanks to its compact size. It also outperforms most other power monitors on the market today, allowing up to six current transformer inputs versus the one or two that others permit. The M70 CPM is robust, innovative and flexible, designed to provide customers with the information they need to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs through preventative maintenance.” 

Other key benefits of the M70 CPM include:

  • Single-, two- and three-phase power outlet monitoring
  • Measured neutral
  • Optional Wi-Fi
  • Daisy-chain Ethernet and Modbus standard on all versions
  • AC or DC versions
  • Circuit breaker position sensing
  • End feed lug temperature monitoring
  • Enhanced security features
  • Access to advanced features and a wide array of built-in alarms