Evapco's new PHW induced-draft parallel hybrid fluid cooler is designed to maximize heat rejection, allowing reduction of connected horsepower.  The CTI-certified PHW is designed as a compliment to Evapco's ESW4, the company’s largest and most energy-efficient single cell evaporative cooler. 

The PHW offers high-tonnage capacity and layout flexibility for industrial plants, data centers and large HVAC applications, especially where requirements call for fewest units, connections and fans. Two box sizes are offered: 12 ft. x24 ft. and 14 ft. x 26 ft. Fan motor sizes are 30 horsepower to 100 horsepower, with two 7.5 horsepower pump motors per cell.           

Hot process fluid enters the coil through lower coil connections. Cooled water from the basin unit is pumped through distribution nozzles to be sprayed over the coils.  Ambient air is drawn into the unit from above in parallel flow with water over the coil.   

A portion of the recirculated water evaporates; this evaporation – with cooled water flowing over the tubes – removes heat from the process fluid. Cooled process fluid leaves the coil through top coil connections, returning to the system. It includes Evapco's XPak bonded block fill, and high efficiency drift eliminators.

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