The FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller ensures laboratory and health care settings are safe for occupants by continuously verifying room pressure, airflow, and other important parameters.

"Monitoring and controlling airflow in critical spaces is a vital component of any healthy buildings strategy," said Tyler Smith, vice president of healthy buildings for Johnson Controls. "The FMS-2000C provides industry-leading features and functionality, so lab managers, nurses, and other stakeholders can rest assured that their spaces are safe and healthy."

One controller can precisely control and monitor up to six parameters across four spaces, including differential pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow, and air changes per hour. If designated parameters fall outside of the set range, the FMS-2000C immediately generates an audible signal as well as a yellow (warning) or red (alarm) visual alert. 

The FMS-2000C features 360-degree safety halo edge lighting that is easily visible down long corridors. Ease-of-use features, such as a snooze button that can silence an alarm for a set time to help reduce audible alarm fatigue and an easily accessible tutorial video, help support frequent nursing staff changeover.

“The FMS-2000C provides an intuitive user experience comparable to navigating a mobile device,” said Amrita Khemchandani, vice president of building automation systems for Johnson Controls. “This reduces the time required to configure the device and simplifies daily interactions by nurses, safety officers, and facility managers.” 

The FMS-2000C offers an updated user experience with an intuitive navigation menu and an easily customizable home screen with enhanced graphics, including a 5-inch touchscreen display that offers high-definition resolution and operates even when wearing rubber gloves. The updated menus feature larger, easier to read status and sensor readings. The interface is also available in 17 languages.

The controller utilizes BACnet MS/TP for easy installation, commissioning, control, monitoring, and data analytics. It seamlessly integrates into Johnson Controls Metasys and third-party building automation systems.

The updated controller features new writable isolation modes that allow facility managers to change room isolation modes (positive / neutral / negative) from the BAS dashboard and the display itself. This feature aids in creating a flexible facility that’s ready to adjust to changing needs. 

In conjunction with the FMS-2000C, Johnson Controls also released the FMS-2000M Critical Environments Monitor. The FMS-2000M is a BACnet MS/TP solution that displays and measures differential pressure in addition to temperature, humidity, airflow, air changes, and CO2 from the BAS for up to four spaces.