B.I.G.’s prefabricated Data Center Guard Stations are often the security anchor to many data centers’ multi-level security, equipped with perimeter fencing, anti-intrusion systems, dual-authentication entry, biometric and color-coded key card security, and interior and exterior video surveillance.  They also feature lighting (inside and out), HVAC, excellent visibility, and bullet-resistant construction. Every guard shack is energy compliant to meet building codes in all 50 states, and the company provides state-certified modular building approvals when required. The units are immediately operational when delivered on-site, thanks to their plug-and-play installation design; they are electrostatically painted with a rust-inhibitive coating system for longer life; doors and windows are tested to ensure they will hold up under continuous use; and the HVAC units offer years of maintenance-free use. Units comes in standard or custom designs — each guard stations comes wired to client specifications supporting information, communication, and surveillance technology.