The second annual Data Center Design and Construction event will take place Oct. 2-3 in Northern Virginia. Executives and engineers will walk away with strategies to design and construct data center and execute fit-outs to maximize client relations and power efficiencies. Engagement in these discussions will kick start advancement in facility capacity and capabilities with continuously improved upgrades and partnerships.

The conference enables attendees to:

  • Realize sustainable goals in the design, construction, and operation of data center facilities;
  • Shift construction techniques to shorten time to market and reduce construction costs;
  • Commission with regard to electrical, mechanical, and spatial needs to allow for efficient operations;
  • Implement multi-cloud with proper planning and design to manage many clouds as one;
  • Advance the data center supply chain to deploy swiftly, reduce cost, and scale in place; and
  • Fortify data center labor market with cross-pollenization of skill sets, knowledgeable contractors, and diversity.

The event speakers are Frank McCann, principal engineer, Verizon Wireless; Steve Conner, vice president, Sales and Solutions Engineering, Vantage Data Centers; Jake Ring, co-founder and CEO, Giga Data Centers; Craig Deering, director of construction, Cyrus One; Rich Banta, co-owner, Lifeline Data Centers; John Clune, CEO, Cavern Technologies; and Richard Hallahan, senior design manager, Digital Realty.

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