Gotransverse has announced the opening of a new, multi-tenant data center in Sydney, Australia. The data center was built to accommodate Gotransverse’s growing list of intelligent billing customers in Australia, starting with Belong, an Australian telecommunications provider offering mobile and fixed broadband services.

The new Gotransverse data center will serve regional customers with secure data services that conform to area regulations, including data sovereignty. The Sydney data center will be operated by Amazon Web Services with room to accommodate Gotransverse’s growing number of customers in the region. Belong is the first Gotransverse customer to take advantage of the Sydney facility. Belong is using Gotransverse to support its sophisticated billing needs for its broadband services, including automating provisioning, tracking orders, streamlining financial processes, and providing data for analytics and revenue recognition.

“Our recent contract with Belong demonstrates that there is a strong and growing need for quote-to-cash and subscription-based transactions in Australia, and by setting up our own data center in Sydney we can simplify customer deployment and support, and ensure that Gotransverse services comply with Australian data security and other regulations,” said James Messer, founder and CEO of Gotransverse. “Adding this data center to our portfolio demonstrates Gotransverse’s commitment to the Australian market.”

Gotransverse is a cloud-based agile billing and monetization platform designed to enable limitless monetization models, including subscription and consumption-based models. Structured as a software-as-a-service offering, Gotransverse can shorten time-to-market and by automating flexible revenue and billing models, supporting a limitless number of transaction for any region or currency. Belong is only the first Australian customer to adopt Gotransverse to handle sophisticated transactions and subscription billing.