nGenx has announced that The Danby Group, a leading provider of automatic identification solutions, including label printing systems and data collection systems, has successfully deployed nGenx nFinity® nWorkspace™ to completely transition its office IT infrastructure and data from an on-premises computing environment, to the cloud. With the expertise and support of TeamLogic IT of Norcross using the nGenx solution since August 2015, Danby Group staff is working faster and more efficiently in the new paperless environment, and enhancing its customer service as a result.

Since 1982, The Danby Group, LLP has been supplying Fortune 1000 companies with the latest in automatic identification solutions, and is a leading integrator of bar code and RFID tracking solutions. Danby, whose customers include government and associated vendors, general manufacturers, healthcare, and distribution companies, is located just outside of Atlanta. Looking to change its business model to increase flexibility and competitive advantage, the company decided to move to the cloud. TeamLogic IT of Norcross, a leading national provider of advanced IT management services for small- to medium-sized businesses, guided Danby through the process of migrating from an on-premises computing setup to the cloud.

“Once we were able to get our heads around what the cloud and IT environment would look like, a light bulb went off for me, and I realized that all we really needed was an internet connection,” said Genie Ragin, founder and president of The Danby Group. “With nGenx, we’ve been able to make our workforce much more mobile, with the ability to access information and perform on behalf of our customers in just about any environment. We're no longer chained by on-premises software.”

nGenx delivers a comprehensive Workspace as a Service (WaaS) platform that simplifies IT while expanding access to desktops, software applications, data, and entire workspaces from any device or location. For organizations, the efficiencies delivered by nFinity nWorkspace result in higher employee productivity and lower IT costs. The technology is deployed through the nGenx channel ecosystem of partners, such as TeamLogic IT, who manage customer environments through a centralized control panel. With nFinity nWorkspace, users have access to thousands of applications or can add their own applications with ease using the platform.

The Danby Group is running Microsoft Office*, QuickBooks Enterprise*, Adobe Professional*, and Bartender*, an app for label design. Transition from the on-premises based systems to the nGenx environment was handled by TLIT of Norcross.

“The installation of nFinity nWorkspace went very well, and our business was untouched throughout the process,” said Ragin. “Now that we’re on a cloud server, everything can be organized in the cloud so that everyone has access to what has transpired with each customer; it keeps orders moving without any balls being dropped. We’re very happy with the nGenx cloud platform vs. our previous computing arrangement. It’s allowing us to work faster and more efficiently, and deliver greater customer service as a result.”


This article was originally posted “The Danby Group Deploys nGenx nFinity nWorkspace” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.