IndependenceIT has announced 12 months growth of over 257%, driven by the adoption and deployment of the industry’s leading workspace automation platform - Cloud Workspace® Suite.

According to Research and Markets, “The WaaS market is expected to grow from $4.76 billion in 2014 to $9.41 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 14.6%. Workspace services have developed in significance around the globe as WaaS solutions and services offers crucial benefits to organizations like flexible workspace which enhances user satisfaction, and centralized storage which reduces the chance of data loss and there by provides security. It also provides mobility and flexibility to fast changing business needs.”

While IndependenceIT recorded significant growth during the last twelve months of operations, the company credits the gains to its Elite Partner Network, which counts among its partners the industry’s leading WaaS platform providers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and managed service providers (MSPs). In recent months, the company enhanced its platform to strengthen security, manageability, and customization. These enhancements have been welcomed by the partner community who attribute greater profitability to the product’s ease-of-use.

“As organizations refresh their IT environments, they are looking for ways to minimize hardware/software costs and the reducing the burden of managing and maintaining these operations,” said Niklas Rosen, CEO, Commercial IT Solutions, Inc. “Leveraging Cloud Workspace Suite software, Commercial IT Solutions’ WaaS offering delivers secure, policy-based access to computing desktops, applications, and data when and where it is needed. This allows our customers to enjoy Fortune 500-caliber IT functionality without the upfront infrastructure investment or IT staffing.”

Cloud Workspace Suite automation is made possible by API interoperability to orchestrate the activity of the hypervisor and of the Windows Operating System, Windows API and Windows Active Directory. The platform coordinates all tasks required to institute virtual machines in a multi-tenant architecture to greatly reduce service provider management and maintenance operations. The software is leveraged by IT service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver customizable and reliable cloud workspaces. Cloud Workspace Suite solution components include:

  • Platform Core: An infrastructure layer used to deploy single/multi-tenant Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs).
  • Systems Management: This layer allows the Admin to orchestrate and manage WaaS installations with ease using integrated automation and policy-based management.
  • Application, Workspace & SaaS Provisioning: This is an application layer that allows admins to provision, manage, and integrate applications and software licenses as well as define access control.
  • User Support: This is an interface that connects users to IT administrators/service providers for service, support, management and monitoring.

“WaaS solutions are notoriously complex and require an enormous amount of training before the first production customer can be serviced and supported,” said Seth Bostock, CEO, IndependenceIT. “Cloud Workspace Suite changes that paradigm through automation and enhanced workflows that allow IT Admins to seamlessly deploy and scale WaaS environments.”


This article was originally posted “IndependenceIT Celebrates Year-Over-Year Growth Increase Of 257%” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.