SevOne has announced its global customers have collectively surpassed 100 million objects to be monitored in their respective infrastructures using the SevOne platform. Global companies, including, Telstra, Vodafone, NASDAQ, Sberbank, NTT, KDDI, Amadeus, and Lockheed Martin use SevOne to monitor their infrastructure objects for reporting on and maintaining the health and availability of their networks, systems, and applications.

The recent explosion of mobile devices and web-based applications coupled with organizations migrating to hybrid, cloud-based and virtualized environments results in a need to monitor objects that did not exist five years ago. This shift is transforming both enterprises and service providers’ infrastructures ? consisting of networks, systems and applications ? from cost centers to revenue generators. Additionally, exponential growth of machine data forces increased pressure on performance management solutions to provide real-time visibility across the entire infrastructure to detect issues, help guarantee availability and scale with the growth of their environments.

“The 100 million milestone represents more than SevOne’s ability to monitor a large number of objects with unmatched speed at scale. It reflects our commitment to solving today’s data growth challenge,” said Vess Bakalov, founder and CTO of SevOne. “The amount of data today’s infrastructures create is just the tip of the iceberg. Companies rely on the SevOne platform to make business decisions that directly affect their customers and assure delivery of the highest quality service. We see SevOne as the platform that will monitor billions of objects across the world as these infrastructures continue to grow.”

However, today’s legacy performance monitoring solutions can’t handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data navigating today’s infrastructures. Based on classical centralized database architectures, these systems have become a choke point as objects increase and monitoring domains expand into unchartered territories.

Based on the concepts of distributed computing, SevOne’s Cluster™ architecture allows for unparalleled speed at scale through a deployment model where each self-contained physical or virtual SevOne appliance serves as a collector, a database, and a reporting engine. A single SevOne appliance monitors up to 200,000 objects and there is no theoretical limit to the number of objects SevOne Cluster™ can monitor. In fact, a SevOne Cluster™ can monitor up to ten million objects from a single server rack, enabling companies to limit their hardware footprint and power consumption.