CloudVelox’s One Hybrid Cloud™ (OHC) software is designed for complex data center environments. Cloud network customization enables enterprises to map their existing network environments in a data center to a cloud network design, so that enterprises can accelerate the migration and deployment of workloads without sacrificing workload compatibility or control.

Large data centers and cloud environments have complex network configurations and settings to satisfy regulatory and internal policies. These data centers and environments have various levels of internal as well as external permissions and access. Additionally, for production deployments, enterprise workloads may be configured to operate in specific sub-networks, VLANs and use specific IP address ranges as well as physical IP addresses. To ensure these workloads can run in the cloud seamlessly would require a significant amount of effort, mapping the existing network design into a virtual network environment within the cloud. OHC cloud network customization automates the task of mapping an existing network environment into the cloud network, so that customers can accelerate deployments and maintain control to address regulatory, security, and compliance mandates.

OHC version 3.0 is a cloud migration software that will allow network teams and partners to map their cloud network design with extensive automation, enabling them to easily leverage cloud-native services and APIs that maximize cloud ROI and resource efficiency as well as ease of use.

OHC 3.0 offers three forms of automated cloud network customization to accelerate migration of existing workloads to public cloud networks:

  • Recreate existing networks into the public cloud including customization and extensibility of IP addresses 
  • Accurately map the network from the source to the destination including network state, security settings, policies and permissions; and
  • Fit workloads and applications into a previously defined cloud network.

One Hybrid Cloud uses an application blueprint-based approach to automate the provisioning and orchestration of compute, storage, security and network processes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which boosts productivity. The product is a single solution for cloud migration, cloud recovery and cloud Dev/Test that features a simple drag-and-drop interface which allows IT to leverage cloud services without specialized cloud skills.


This article was originally posted “Cloud Customization from CloudVelox” from Cloud Strategy Magazine.