Aligned Energy has announced that DHISCO Inc., a leading hospitality distribution company, has signed a colocation agreement in their Uptime Institute Tier III-certified, adaptive Plano, TX data center.

“DHISCO is the largest processor of electronic hotel transactions and requires the best technology to deliver over 10 billion transactions each and every month,” said Bryan Bradley, DHISCO’s CIO. “We chose to partner with Aligned Energy because they allow us access to state-of-the-art, secure facilities, innovative power management, and patented cooling technology which helps us meet the demands of thousands of hotels and online travel outlets.”

“DHISCO is a pioneer and leader in the online hotel booking service sector,” says Jakob Carnemark, CEO of Aligned Energy.  “We are thrilled to partner with them as our Plano facility continues to fill up and look forward to accommodating their fast growth as well as other clients in our hyper-scale data center environment engineered with a commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Aligned Energy has leased the first of three data halls in its Plano facility (Phase One), as demand for their ability to support dynamic densities highly appeals to data center clients.

Their adaptive data center, powered by intelligent infrastructure solutions, enables clients to mix and match rack densities from 1 to 50kW while guaranteeing a 1.15 power usage effectiveness (PUE).  Additionally, Aligned Energy is able to achieve environmental efficiency with their patented cooling solution that uses up to 80% less energy and 85% less water.