The client that is the subject of his case study provides analog and digital television to its residential and business customers, as well as high-speed Internet and telephony services with its two-way broadband fiber networks. They also provide a suite of information technology services including colocation, managed and dedicated hosting, managed IT, and cloud and connectivity services. For its largest Canadian data center, they turned to HITEC to deliver a solution to support their fast-growing colocation footprint.

Project Challenge

The new data center needed a power-efficient UPS option that used the least amount of floor space. This would enable the company to maximize revenue-generating rack space for colocation, data backup, and connectivity services, as well as support their legacy and emerging applications. In addition, the new facility would need 16.5 megawatts of power to fuel connectivity through an extensive network that spans almost 1,000 miles of cable.

The company selected a data center site created from an existing building to develop the blueprint for a Tier III data center facility. However, a primary concern was retrofitting an existing building with little room for static UPS batteries — they needed more IT white space and less space for the supporting infrastructure. The company was faced with deciding between static or dynamic UPS technology.

Project Solution

Static systems were quickly ruled out due to their extra battery room requirement — a dynamic UPS system was exactly what was needed, and the client selected HITEC’s PowerPRO3600 UPS system.

With the PowerPRO3600, HITEC brought the highest power density per square foot available in the UPS market to the project.  With cost and space savings realized from its reduced footprint and component count, the customer was able to move forward with their chosen site and maintain the project schedule — and budget.

To further minimize space and maximize power efficiency, HITEC offered a complete medium voltage system without the use of step up transformers. In addition to power efficiency, a medium voltage alternator provides additional space savings and lower ongoing operating costs

Customer Experience

The client was able to achieve new levels of efficiency across their increasingly complex data center power infrastructures. With the most reliable Dynamic UPS system in the industry — made possible by the highest power density per square foot – they are now better suited than any provider to deliver on the performance promise of their colocation data centers.

“HITEC was one of the only companies to effectively align with our ‘smarter planet’ approach to managing data center construction projects. The increased efficiency resulting from operating a UPS at medium voltage without transformers is significant,” said the client.