The HEPACART™ environment containment cart from Hepacart, Inc. is manufactured in durable, easy-to-clean aluminum and requires no assembly prior to usage. Uses include – but are not limited to – removing ceiling tiles, minor duct work or electrical work above ceilings in hospitals and other patient care facilities, as well as in data centers and server rooms. Additionally, HEPACART™ is the only environment containment cart with an embedded Negative Air Machine that is independently inspected and certified. Each HEPACART™ has swivel-lock, non-marring casters that protect floors. Each wheel assembly is rated for 900 lbs.

In a clean room environment, Hepacart has two main applications: 1. Dust reduction and prevention. 2. Prevent airborne particulate matter from reaching heat sinking devises.

A clean atmosphere ensures that your system will continue to function normally and at full capacity. Information Technology professionals rely on Hepacart systems to prevent disturbed maintenance dust from contaminating servers which leads to costly interruptions in operations. Without a dust and airborne debris management system, routine maintenance or renovations in a clean environment may lead to the build up of of matter on server heat sinks, and this may result in systems failures and costly down time.