CyrusOne has announced the record-setting time period from ground breaking to completion of its newest 30 Megawatt facility on its Northern Virginia campus. Completed in just under six months, the project was delivered in the shortest time to market interval for an enterprise scale data center of this size. Driving this outstanding accomplishment was CyrusOne’s use of Massively Modular® engineering methods and advanced manufacturing supply chain techniques which enable the company to provide for the lowest costs and fastest time to market in the data center industry. 

“CyrusOne’s goal has been to improve our supply chain efficiency to the point whereby we can deliver a completed data center in the same timeframe that our customers can order and receive the computing equipment that will reside in the data center.  We never want our customers’ business objectives to be slowed down by the speed of their data center deployment, and the record setting time we delivered the Northern Virginia facility proves we can remove that uncertainty for them,” said Gary Wojtaszek president and CEO, CyrusOne.

The unbridled demand for growth that cloud and social media companies are experiencing is volatile and overwhelming. Against this backdrop, companies are unsure whether they will be growing at a 50%, 100%, or 200% rate of growth, and the accuracy of the forecasts significantly deteriorates as the forecast horizon lengthens. CyrusOne’s ability to deliver large quality data centers with record-breaking speed eliminates the risk customers feel with inaccurate capacity planning, and by reducing the time it takes to deliver a data center CyrusOne is able to lower the cost of delivery, passing those savings on to its customers. CyrusOne previously set an industry record when it delivered a 6 MW facility in Phoenix in 107 days. The newest facility is five times bigger, and only took twice as long to deliver, further highlighting the company’s continuing focus on supply chain efficiency. 

“Completing a data center of this magnitude in this short time frame is a monumental accomplishment and it continues to prove out CyrusOne’s ability to meet even the shortest customer deadlines. This level of breakneck speed to market helps eliminate the risks executives face when making IT capacity planning decisions,” said Laramie Dorris, vice president, data center design and construction, CyrusOne. “We are incredibly proud of our strong team of architects, engineers, and contractors for their hard work and ingenuity in bringing this project to completion in a record-setting time. By accomplishing this feat, we have completely revolutionized the dynamics of building out new infrastructure for the industry, and established a new norm for rapid deployment and expansion of customers’ critical infrastructure.”

Completion of the new facility dramatically expands the scope of the Northern Virginia campus, providing an additional 30 megawatts of critical power capacity. The new facility represents the second phase of construction for the campus. Phase three of construction on the Northern Virginia campus is scheduled to commence in the near future.

The Northern Virginia data center campus is also part of CyrusOne’s National Internet Exchange (IX) to enable interconnection to other CyrusOne data centers. The CyrusOne National IX marries low-cost robust connectivity with massively scaled data centers, and it creates a data center platform that virtually links more than a dozen of CyrusOne’s enterprise facilities and third-party locations in numerous metropolitan markets.