T5 Data Centers™ has received the Uptime Institute Network One Year Performance Award across its data center portfolio. The Uptime Institute Network recognizes member companies who achieve 100% uptime performance over designated periods. T5 Data Centers has never had an unplanned outage on any of their customers' I.T. equipment due to power or cooling anomalies since the company began operations in 2012.

The Uptime Performance Awards were implemented in 1998, and are available only to member companies who have achieved continuous uptime of all I.T. equipment in their data centers. T5 Data Centers joined the Uptime Institute Network in January 2014 to further its goal of providing a Top Tier service to its customers. The One Year Performance Award was given to T5 Data Centers for uninterrupted service at the company's T5@Atlanta, T5@Dallas, T5@Kings Mountain, and T5@Los Angeles data centers.

"This award validates T5's commitment to providing customers with what we like to call Total Availability," said Joe Parrino, senior vice president of T5 Facilities Management. "Maintaining Total Availability for our data centers is an absolute must — our reputation is completely dependent on our service reliability. We know our customer's reputation is dependent on our ability to deliver Total Availability as well. T5 Data Centers is committed to providing the most reliable data centers in the market, which is demonstrated by the fact that we are being rewarded for uninterrupted service over the last year at all our facilities."

In certifying that the data center maintains continuous operations, Gregory Lyon, critical facilities manager and vice president of Citizens Bank, said, "T5 Data Centers T5@Kings Mountain has provided Citizens Bank with 100% uptime of critical power and cooling systems service for our data hall. No outages have been recorded during the operational year and the facilities operation team at T5 has provided us with world-class data center maintenance and repair."

One of the T5@LA customers noted, "The leadership and technical team... has provided a top-notch data center that resulted in no unplanned loss of power to both A-B sides of our dual-power supply equipment."

Another satisfied customer wrote, "I wish to thank the entire staff at T5@Dallas for their hard work and dedication to a perfect year of uptime. Any incident that arose was handled with the utmost professionalism, ensuring 100% uptime for our critical IT load."