Primary Integration (PI) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its founding this summer.

The vision behind Primary Integration was to build the most elite mission critical/data center commissioning and operational risk management business in the world.  By attracting the best talent in the industry, establishing comprehensive processes for service delivery and adhering to the highest standards of quality and performance, the firm has been able to create a foundation for continued growth and success. With offices throughout the U.S. and recently in Dublin Ireland and Toronto, Ontario, Primary Integration is rapidly becoming the global leader in the industry.

“We have built our business by providing the highest quality of service delivery,” commented G. Kelly Decker, PI’s founder, chairman and president. “We are focused on exceeding our clients expectations by treating each engagement as a partnership. Our dedicated team of over 100 employees continually receives education and training in the latest technologies and industry trends, enabling us to meet our clients’ fast changing needs.”

Primary Integration was founded in 2005 by Decker and Shariar Zaimi, who served as CEO and Chairman until his passing in 2011. “Shariar was a visionary leader whose dedication to quality and client satisfaction was renown in the industry,” Decker noted.

As chairman and president, Decker is responsible for developing and implementing the mission, vision and strategy of the business. He also manages the strategic sales and marketing and oversees management and operations. He has over 30 years of experience in the design, integration, and commissioning of mission critical facilities.

Decker gained extensive knowledge as an entrepreneur and developer of comprehensive business solutions for high-reliability environments. This experience and knowledge of customer requirements allows him to successfully address customer needs and respond to emerging trends by developing and introducing integrated products and service solutions to the marketplace.

Under the leadership of Decker and CEO Shawn Till, PI has formed a team of industry leaders.  The firm has created centers of excellence in electrical and mechanical engineering, automated controls and critical facilities operations and maintenance, enabling its experts to serve as unbiased technical advisors to their clients. PI has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification and is a Certified Commissioning Agent with the AABC Commissioning Group of the AGC and the Building Commissioning Association.

Using a proven commissioning process, PI’s engineers perform a full evaluation of a critical facility’s electrical and mechanical systems, including communications, interoperability, component working conditions, occupant and managerial requirements, and other parameters to confirm whether critical infrastructure systems are designed and subsequently installed properly and maintained successfully over time. The firm’s Data Center Operational Risk Management (ORM) program is intended to ensure long-term uptime of data center facilities. It applies "Industry Best Practices" based on a culmination of several of the data center industry’s most rigorous end users and experts, including the Uptime Institute's new operational sustainability standard, allowing clients to optimize the performance of their sites and minimize the human error risks intrinsic to operations and maintenance of mission critical facilities.

“As a niche firm with a sole focus on commissioning and operational risk management of mission critical and data center facilities, we offer clients the highest level of unbiased technical expertise,” Decker said.  “We have the unique ability to provide world-class professional services that are essential to the success of our clients’ high performance environments.”