Equinix, Inc. and Global Capacity have announced a collaboration to provide enterprise customers with direct access to the many cloud service providers available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange™ via Global Capacity's One Marketplace™.  Through a direct Ethernet connection from One Marketplace to the Equinix Cloud Exchange, enterprises gain high-performance access to multiple cloud services from the eight Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in which Global Capacity resides.  And, because Global Capacity provides network access to 9.6 million commercial addresses, cloud service providers have the ability to extend their market reach to a larger enterprise audience.

"The secure, high-performance connectivity provided by One Marketplace to the Equinix Cloud Exchange allows enterprises to access the services needed to build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions capable of supporting their business-critical operations and applications.  With this solution, cloud providers such as AWS in Washington, D.C., are now easily accessible from nearby metropolitan centers such as New York," said Jim Poole, vice president, global service providers, Equinix.

Leveraging One Marketplace, enterprise customers can bypass the public Internet with secure, private Ethernet services, connecting their headquarters, data centers and remote locations to cloud providers available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange, enabling them to build the hybrid cloud solutions they need for business-critical operations.  With these services, enterprises can now access cloud service providers from additional IBX data centers.  For example, if an enterprise requires access to Amazon Web Services (AWS), but is not in one of the eight markets offering AWS on the Cloud Exchange, by using One Marketplace they are able to gain access to this service without being physically inside that location.   

One Marketplace provides extensive network reach enabled by applications that provide real-time network pricing and ordering for end-to-end delivery of private Ethernet connectivity services. By directly connecting cloud services with enterprise users via private, high-performance Ethernet connectivity, Global Capacity gives enterprises secure access to the services they need to build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions inside Equinix's IBX data centers. 

The Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that provides companies with direct, secure access to multiple clouds and networks from a single port.  Since its initial launch in 2014, nearly all major cloud providers have joined the Cloud Exchange, including AWS, Cisco, Google Cloud Platform, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, and many others.  Equinix Cloud Exchange is currently available in 21 markets globally including – Amsterdam, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Osaka, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington, D.C., and Zurich.

Global Capacity and Equinix have been working together since 2013 and continue to collaborate to define and deploy ways for business customers to connect.  Global Capacity is currently interconnected in eight Equinix IBX data centers in North America, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., with additional sites being added in 2015.

One Marketplace provides guaranteed bandwidth and offers business connections to the cloud from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps for secure and reliable network connectivity that is essential for enterprises to successfully create anything from simple websites to complex business applications.