AIS Data Centers has announced that it is providing the Brigantine Restaurant Group with data storage and security protection at their Lightwave Data Center in San Diego.

 “We are pleased to have the family of Brigantine restaurants among our satisfied customers,” said Greg Rollet, CEO for AIS. “Brigantine is a local institution and we’re honored to play a role in positioning them for continued growth and ensure the safety of their critical business data.”

With AIS, Brigantine can secure their valuable data assets by moving data offsite and into the Lightwave Data Center (LWDC) to avoid theft and human error and protect data from a destructive incident such as a fire. Brigantine can also easily scale their storage infrastructure with AIS as their business grows and storage needs expand.

One of AIS’ six enterprise-class, carrier-neutral data centers, the LWDC is an 80,000 square-foot purpose-built colocation and cloud services data center. LWDC is an SSAE 16-compliant, SOC 1, 2 and 3 audited facility that is built to provide an impressive 9.1 Megawatts of power, 2N power redundancy, at least N+1 redundancy on all other data center systems and the highest security protocols. Redundant power and cooling systems, plus multiple generators ensure that LWDC can sustain utility service outages without any service interruption.

Due to its close proximity to the LWDC, Brigantine is using a direct line of sight satellite connection instead of traditional bandwidth to transfer their data directly to AIS. By doing so, Brigantine is capturing significant savings as they can avoid using a high-price wireless connection or incurring a monthly bandwidth fee.

“AIS Data Centers is not only protecting our data, they are protecting our business,” said Jeremy Watkins, Director of Information Technology of Brigantine. “After more than 45 years in the restaurant business, we know how important it is to keep our data safe from a security breach or on-site incident and AIS makes data protection both easy and cost effective.”