SPEC-CLEAN has announced the completion of an extensive cleaning project in Waltham, MA, with one of the nation’s leading telecom providers.

SPEC-CLEAN was originally called into the facility because its suites had not been professionally cleaned for many years. SPEC-CLEAN’s site evaluation revealed that a variety of contaminants had accumulated throughout the entire data center, creating a threatening environment to the sensitive equipment, both above and below the floors. The tiles, which should be white, were discolored and appeared very old, and the sub-floor had dust and a build-up. The telecom company was in danger of a significant downtime event due to the contaminates within the rooms.

In response, SPEC-CLEAN implemented a detailed cleaning under the raised floor using certified HEPA filtration vacuums, paying careful attention to the exterior surfaces of the delicate equipment, and a deep cleaning of the surfaces of the raised floors. The job required nine weeks to completion, after which the telecom provider could rest assured that all its raised floor areas were free from contaminants.

“Our goal is to eliminate anxieties and risk in critical facilities that could lead to a significant downtime event,” said Rich DeBlasi, president of SPEC-CLEAN. “Because mission critical equipment is constantly at-risk and has a higher threat of downtime due to the presence of a range of contaminants, SPEC-CLEAN is dedicated to both immediate or emergent concerns, as well as proactive planning for the optimum operations of mission critical environments.”