Future Facilities North America (Future Facilities NA) has completed a two year program to challenge the notion that CFD is complicated and inaccessible. The result, which will be launched at Datacenter Dynamics Converged, London is 6SigmaDCX – a product suite that has ‘finally tamed CFD for data centers,’ according to one critical review.

6SigmaDCX, a computational fluid dynamics simulation tool, brings new levels of productivity to data center design, troubleshooting and operation. Powerful and intuitive, the best-in-class CFD for data centers is now also the easiest to use. 6SigmaDCX was developed in coordination with data center designers, planners and operators, all of whom were asked how CFD could work better for them. Future Facilities listened, developing DCX around the customer, proving to even the toughest critic that CFD is no longer a ‘dark art.’

“CFD for data centers has finally been tamed... Basic model construction is really easy and intuitive, while advanced features are well packaged and easy to find if you do need them,” said Stuart Hall, Sales Engineer, Digital Realty.

“This new generation of software matters. At a time when data center technology is changing faster than ever, giving more people access to CFD will drive cooling innovation and improve resilience, capacity utilization and efficiency,”  said Mark Fenton, Product Manager, Future Facilities Ltd.

 “6SigmaDCX delivers incredible simplicity without compromising power and functionality. The redesigned interface truly opens the door to getting the most out of the DCX suite… and to getting the most out of your data center,” said Vartan Moskofian, critical facilities consultant, Hewlett-Packard.

“6SigmaDCX made my modeling so much easier. I designed the Virtual Facility of a Compass data center in less than an hour, ” Jose Ruiz, director, engineering, Compass Datacenters.