E-Mon’s PowerSmart family of power quality / energy monitors and revenue-grade power quality socket meters are designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional energy monitoring applications. The three models in the PowerSmart family include:

  • PowerSmart Plus Essential meter — Class 0.5S (± 0.5% accuracy) four-quadrant active and reactive energy polyphase static meter providing high-precision three-phase monitoring of V, I, PF, demand, V/I unbalance, frequency, load profile and more
  • PowerSmart Plus Advanced Power Quality energy monitor — Class 0.2 (± 0.2% accuracy) four quadrant, multi-function three-phase energy meter with advanced power quality features including embedded harmonic analyzer, voltage and current THD, current TDD and K-Factor, inter harmonics THD up to 50th order harmonic; 
  • PowerSmart revenue-grade power quality socket meter — Precision Class 0.2 (± 0.2% accuracy) three-phase active energy and power demand meter provides multiple tariffs and time-of-use capability, transformer and line losses, unique anti-tampering and self-test functions; standard Form 9S socket configuration allows easy new or retrofit installation.

Features include power factor, THD, TDD, K-Factor, sags, swells, spikes and alarming; Modbus RTU via RS-485 communications protocol is standard; Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet optional; integral state-of-the-art EN50160-compliant power quality recorder; and selection of solid- and split-core current options.