Cologix has announced that the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) has deployed a core node in Cologix’s facility at 1050 W. Pender St. The VANIX was recently reorganized to create an open and participant-run, nonprofit exchange in Vancouver. A coalition of existing participants helped integrate the PEER 1 Internet Exchange with the BCNET-operated VANIX to create an independent exchange. Adding the VANIX node with Cologix enables access to much needed neutral data center space and power capacity for VANIX’s current peering participants and for new peers to join the newly integrated community.

“We are excited to expand our reach with a core switch in Cologix’s new facility,” stated Ron Grant, chairman, VANIX. “VANIX presently interconnects 43 IP networks, making it the second largest IX in Canada. Moreover, Vancouver has a strong Internet community that is attracting increasingly more attention from major content providers interested in faster, more efficient Internet paths to British Columbia's 4 million residents. Cologix’s new data center has already proved a perfect fit to help us grow and attract new organizations outside British Columbia to establish a point-of-presence in Vancouver. Since recently connecting our facilities, we have brought compelling new organizations into the community.”

Cologix partnered with VANIX through their reorganization process and is contributing space and fiber optic network connections between the Cologix data center at 1050 West Pender St. and the VANIX infrastructure at 555 W. Hastings St.  

“Cologix is committed to the Vancouver peering community and is pleased to play our role in support of VANIX’s growth,” explained Graham Williams, chief commercial officer, Cologix. “We share VANIX’s conviction that nonprofit, participant-run exchanges provide the best results for its users and create an economic development tool for the broader community. Cologix looks forward to evangelizing VANIX to its customers and partners across the content, education and network verticals.”