Schneider Electric and ChargePoint® have announced a collaboration to unveil Schneider Electric’s new EVlink™ cloud connected charging stations with the ChargePoint network. This new offer includes hardware, software, ChargePoint connectivity and advanced services such as installation, deployment planning, project management and ongoing maintenance. Together Schneider Electric and ChargePoint deliver a complete EV charging station experience for host station owners and EV drivers. With this partnership, Schneider Electric makes it easier for EV drivers and station owners to leverage ChargePoint, the world’s largest and most open EV charging network

 “Schneider Electric is committed to delivering a comprehensive offer of residential and commercial EV chargers and services,” said Mike Calise, director, Electric Vehicles, Schneider Electric.“By partnering with ChargePoint, a world-class leading EV charging network provider, we are giving Fortune 1000, SMB customers and EV drivers access to the broadest range of comprehensive EV charging solutions supporting North American EV infrastructure mass-scale expansion goals. This collaboration has been in the works for a while and we are proud to be part of a significant moment for the entire EV industry.”

Key features of Schneider Electric’s new EVlink cloud connected charging station include benefits for the EV driver and station owner:

  • Industry-leading Network:Access to the world’s largest network of independently-owned charging stations via collaboration with ChargePoint.
  • Cloud Connected Capabilities:Robust data reporting can be used to analyze driver usage patterns by time intervals, station attributes or energy usage. In addition, station usage can be tracked, as well as energy consumption, prevented GHG emissions, average turnover, and session duration, among other attributes. Built in demand-response allows owners to monitor and manage energy load, and adjust power flow in 1 percent increments by station or region.
  • Consumer-Friendly Design, Display and High-Quality Reception: Available in a pedestal and wall mount, theuser-friendly, clean and simple design is ideal for ad posting capability and individual branding with custom decal and skinning techniques. The large LCD screen displays charging instructions, status and usage fees. Real-time notifications from the stations during charging inform drivers of the charging status.
  • Location-Based Driver Services and Integrated Billing: Access to the free ChargePoint mobile app via iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices provides an easy way to locate stations, get turn-by-turn directions, view availability and make station reservations. Automatedbilling and transaction payment processing is available using a ChargePoint card or credit card.
  • Comprehensive set of value added services: Station owners have access to a number of services including EV readiness planning, geocentric adoption rate growth analysis, local and nationwide site auditing, project installation and commissioning services. Advanced tiered services are also available including extended warranty, routine ongoing preventative maintenance, critical turnaround services and expedited parts replacements. Station management solutions offered include remote monitoring & diagnostics, rate scheduling, utilization analysis and advanced services such as special lease financing and power performance agreements.
  • Standards Compliance: UL listed and SAE J1772 compliance ensures compatibility with any electric vehicle entering the market today. Additionally, EVlink charging stations are assembled in USA in an ISO 9000:2000 and 14001 compliant facilities.

“With the help of Schneider Electric we continue to drive EV adoption and provide drivers with an enjoyable and seamless driving experience,” said Pasquale Romano ChargePoint president and CEO. “We are excited to showcase these EVlink charging stations on the ChargePoint network and deliver more charging options to EV drivers and station owners.”

Many of the Schneider Electric EVlink cloud connected charging stations with ChargePoint connectivity have already been installed in public and private settings such as corporate campuses, office buildings and workplace facilities, retail shopping malls and restaurants, hotel chains, hospitals, government buildings, school campuses, and in apartment and condominium complexes.